Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Adventure Pass for 2 please

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This past weekend my husband and I got really adventurous. We got off the couch and actually went out on a Saturday night. I know!

Yes, it's true. Sometimes you have to give adventure a kick in the pants, or in this case, yourself and your spouse.

"It wasn't like this when we were dating", I said, "we had so much more fun."

 Current online profile:
"Enjoy watching other adventurous people travel and take long walks on the beach while sitting on the couch flipping through t.v. channels and searching for random things online for hours." 

hahaha It's not really as bad as that, but you catch my drift. It's so easy with life's routine to get stuck. And get boring.

Anywho, it was time to break the vicious cycle. So we got off our duffs and had a little fun. A new place to eat and a drive into the city (finally got our car back from the shop). We've got to start somewhere.

My husband heard about a place on Mercer Island (my home town; and a short stretch away from Seattle), with a new walk-up Fresh Seafood Market, with rockin fish and chips. 

While we waited for our fish to fry, we browsed their fresh seafood market.  It had that cool, Seattle fish stand vibe, like going down to Pike Place Market.

And when our order was up, we hopped back in the car to eat (the only draw back to a walk-up fish n' chips stand on a 35 degree night). But we managed.

Rod got the clam chowda (I just like saying it that way b/c I secretly wish I had an accent)

And I got the 2 piece cod fish n' chips

Mmmmm. It was really good. Their tarter sauce was extra good. Lots of dill.
I have to say though, my fave fish & chips is still last summer at Ivar's in Mukilteo by the ocean...

I'm so going back there the minute summer hits!

Anywho, after our delish dinner, we decided to take a drive into Seattle. I love going to the city at night. The nightlife can be quite colorful, along with the glittering city lights. I guess people really do go out on the weekend. hahaha

Sorry for the very blurry photo. In the car. No fancy iphone.

View from one of my favorite places in Seattle. Kerry Park in Queen Anne.

The houses and apartments are so quaint up there.

Not trying to sound all self-help or anything, but I told my husband the best memories I have of us are when we are both present. No computers. No tv. No phone calls. Taking a walk, going to a park, playing frisbee, flying a kite, going to the beach, exploring a new place, trying something new.

And now I've got one more memory.

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