Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ink blot Onesies: Wearable Psychology

This coming month is going to be so much fun. I have lots of cool ink blot projects to share and a giveaway to announce!

First, I'll start with my newest past-time, Ink blot Onesie Designs. I call it Wearable Psychology.

These little beauties are the perfect mini canvas and so much fun to make!

Here's a closer look at each one

I'll start with sparkling orange pearl.   I see two dancers.  What do you see?  

{Watch} to see how it was made (this vid only uses still shots but the other videos are action)

Next is pink. Good thing it turned out to look like ballet slippers.  Do you see that too?

{Watch} to see how this ink blot design was made-

Now I had to have one that was black. When I think of original ink blots I think black.   I see a little elf in this one.  Do you see him too?

{Watch} to see how this ink blot design was made-

The next couple designs I used two colors

I liked this combination of turquoise and red. Kind of reminds me of American Indian designs.  In this one I see two sets of birds. How about you?

{Watch} to see how this ink blot design was made-

The final design actually incorporates three colors, since blue and yellow mixed to create a bit of green.

{Watch} how this ink blot design was made-

Each onesie is for sale in my {etsy shop}. I thought it would be fun for my customers to see how their designs were made.

So much more to ink blot fun to come, so stay tuned!

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  1. What a great way to turn a boring white onesie into something interesting. I've seen lots of onesie embellishments but never in ink blot form. Great unique idea and beautiful pictures as favorite all the onesies on the clothes line.

  2. I love this such a fun idea! I hope you'll add it to my What We Wore and Made party over at

    1. Thanks Marissa! I hopped on over to your party. Thanks for the invite! :)

  3. Cool idea!! They look a lot like scroll work to me! Thanks for linking up at the party!

  4. What a super neat idea...I never thought of that before! :)


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