Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ink Blot Fashion is in!

Who would have thought, while I was creating my first ink blot design t-shirt, that ink blot fashion was hitting the runway?

{Did you know} Ink blot designs are the newest trend in fashion and can be seen in clothing lines from top designers like Stella McCartney, Giles, Givenchy, and Pucci? 

Rorschach inkblot dresses
(L to R): Hayden Panettiere (designer: Tibi), Lucy Hale (designer: Izmaylova) & Anna Faris (designer: Preen)

Check these out

::Traditional Rorschach ink blot design::

Australian Designer Dion Lee - ink-blot-design
Australian Designer Dion Lee - ink-blot-design

There's even a Rorschach blots umbrella! Who knew?? 

::A different spin on ink blot::
if you look closely you can see the ink blot pattern throughout. Almost tie-dye-ish, but just almost.


::These next two designs show yet another take on ink blot design::
kind of an ink drop look.

McQueen's dress still shows a symmetrical design, even though his approach is a bit different.

While Peter Som's design doesn't appear to be symmetrical, just blotted (not sure what it would look like if the fabric was just laid out - maybe it would be symmetrical?)
Peter Som-inkblot

::And yet another version of ink blot design, is more of mirror image.::
Ink blot is generally random but symmetrical.
These designs are purposeful and symmetrical.
Like an artist painting one side of her canvas, and folding it over to create an exact mirror image.
Stella McCartney-mirror-image-design

Stella McCartney-mirror-image-design


And why not put it on a purse?


So in case you thought I might have lost my marbles with all this ink blot talk? Looks like I'm right on target. But with all these different takes on ink blot design? Looks like I've still got more to try.

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