Monday, January 16, 2012

Ink blot on top of ink blot t-shirt!

For those of you who followed my string of Ink Blot Designed T-shirts, I have news for you.  The obsession is far from over!

Tonight as I was day dreaming about making more blotty designs, I glanced over the ink blot t-shirts I've done so far. I've named them. I know, that's so creepy fun.

(no, it doesn't look like a monkey. Just looks like I've been playing in the garage. Here's why)

Space Invader
a.k.a paint spatter

My favorite so far is probably raging bull, because I'm so in awe of that design. Who knew that's how it would turn out? A few random blobs of paint and a simple fold. The bull was born.

Okay, back to my original though. I decided there was one design I wasn't thrilled with. Remember the whole spattered paint controversy I had with my husband? He likes spattered because it's random, I like ink blot because it's not random...yadda, yadda, yadda.

Well, I wasn't set on spattered/space invader look so I decided to see what would happen if I added a little more paint and did ink blot on top of ink blot! I know, right?? Livin' on the edge.

Here's the before...

And after adding a little turquoise...waha!!

I actually kind of love it now. There's almost a heart in there or flowers? Or both?? Hard to say, but there is a little extra touch of love adding the aqua. Now I can rest easy. That shirt is officially finished.

But am I finished with ink blot designs??
Now that's funny.

{*I have the kids at school making ink blot designs with paper and paint. A little different experience, but they're loving it! I'm planning on doing t-shirts with them this spring. Can't stop the madness!}

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