Sunday, January 22, 2012

Ink blot-t-shirt making: Layering color

A few days ago I summed up the ink blot t-shirts I've created so far.  But as I hung them one-by-one in my closet, I had a nagging feeling. I wasn't totally satisfied.

Like ice cream without the topping. Pizza without the rootbeer.

So I pulled out my fabric paints again. I had to get it right before I could say finito. It would end up being triple layer ink blot designs. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Enter: senior froggy shirt. Call me girly, but I don't want to wear a shirt that looks like an amphibian. There. I said it.

Round 1: where it all began

Round 2: make less frog-like. Add more paint blobs.

Round 3: Take out the frog. It was better, but its beady little eyes were still staring at me. Add a little more paint.

Much better.
Now I see birds.
I can live with birds.

Enter: Space Invader; a.k.a paint spatter
I thought I'd fixed this one in my last ink blot post, but alas, you can't deny nagging doubt.

Round 1: spatter creation

Round 2: adding turquoise

Great addition, but not quite there.
Something whispered "pink".

Round 3: adding pink. The finishing touch.

I see feathers, hearts, flowers, maybe even a bird or two. I like this even better. Thank you pink.

The closet is ready for you now.

*Stay tuned for some exciting new projects with ink-blot-designs AND an upcoming give-away! Gotta share the love!

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