Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow mail: etsy packages must get through!

It's been quite a winter wonderland here in Seattle the past few days and today was the whopper of all. Some places have gotten almost a foot of snow. Where I live, we've gotten maybe 4-5" total, which is still quite a bit for us (some of you for whom loads of snow is the norm are probably saying cry me a river).

Well it just so happens that today I had to get some etsy orders shipped out. And we all know that no matter if it rains or snows the mail must go through! What I won't do for my dear etsy customers!

So on with the boots. (Hey, it gives me a reason to wear my cute flowered boots!)

And down the deserted snowy streets in the 4-wheel-drive (thank goodness for our good old jeep, even with like 250,000 miles on it, it never lets us down!)

And to my amazement, were were the only car in the Post Office parking lot. So I was first in line. And THAT, for me, is a first. So the packages are on their way...not by snail mail, today, it's snow mail.

Hope you're all enjoying your Wednesday, and for those of us enjoying a wintry day, stay safe and warm!

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1 comment:

  1. i really can't believe all the snow seattle is getting!!! i'm glad you posted pictures, b/c i was totally curious what it looked like over there.


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